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Farber Family Photoshoot at Ernest E. Debs Regional Park, Los Angeles, CA.

As a professional family photographer from Orange County, I often find myself traveling to awesome new locations to photograph all kinds of different families and observe their dynamics. My recent photoshoot with the Farber family at Ernest E. Debs Regional Park in Los Angeles, CA, was a perfect example of how the right setting, combined with professional photography skills, can create unforgettable family photos.

The story of this family photo shoot begins with a reunion. After a decade, I reconnected with an old friend, Gene Farber, and his delightful family. This wasn't just any photoshoot; it was a blend of friendship, nostalgia, and professional photography, culminating in an album full of unforgettable family pictures. Debs Pond, with its lush landscapes and serene ambiance, provided the ideal backdrop for this family photography session. As we strolled through the park, the natural beauty of the lake and the fall colors surrounded us, setting a magnificent stage for capturing the family's moments. Gene's two daughters, with their spontaneous smiles and playful energy, were a joy to photograph. Their innocence and unfiltered joy added a special charm to the family photos. Gene's and Louisa's interaction with their daughters brought out genuine emotions, highlighting the warm connections that make family pictures so special.

As a professional family photographer, I always aim to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for my clients. This photoshoot was no exception. From the initial greetings to our casual conversations, every moment was an opportunity to capture authentic expressions and natural poses. The true beauty of family photography lies in its ability to freeze moments in time, and our shoot at Ernest E. Debs Regional Park was a testament to that. Every laugh, every hug, and every loving glance was immortalized through my lens, creating a collection of professional photos that the Farber family will treasure for a lifetime. This experience was more than just a family photo shoot; it was a celebration of relationships and the joy of being together. The photos we created are not just images; they are stories told through expressions, emotions, and the beautiful Los Angeles scenery.

In Orange County and beyond, families seeking to capture their stories through professional family photography need look no further. My approach is to create a relaxed environment where families can be themselves, resulting in natural, beautiful family pictures. To families considering a professional photo shoot, let this story inspire you. Imagine your family, amidst the natural beauty of a location like Debs Pond, enjoying each other's company while I capture those fleeting moments. These are the memories that will adorn your walls, fill your photo albums, and be passed down through generations.

If you're in Orange County or the Los Angeles area and looking for a professional family photographer who can turn your family moments into timeless works of art, I am here to make that happen. Contact me to schedule your family photo shoot and let's create a collection of beautiful family photos that you'll cherish forever.

Portrait of a beautiful young girl in a pink sweater leaning on her mother's leg.
Classic Farber family pose at Debs Pond, a timeless photograph.
A man and with his wife and kids posing for a family portrait in Los Angeles, Ca.
Tender family moment of the Farbers in nature, captured by a professional photographer.
young girl in a sweater jumping off a bench at a park
cute curly hair girl in a grey sweater standing on top of a brown bench
Playful Farber family dynamics captured in a spirited family photo.
Gene's daughters laughing, a lively and joyful family photography moment.
pretty girl in a pink sweater
Louisa Farber with daughter, a beautiful family photo moment.


So the moral of the story is this boys and girls. It doesn’t matter how photogenic you may or may not be. It doesn’t matter how cute your kids are. If the energy between you and the photographer isn’t established then the photos will reflect that. Gene, being the pro that he is, knew that! He knew that the right thing to do was to sit down and chat for a bit. He knew that having a drink together was going to relax us and lower our anxiety. I imagine he knew that partially because he is in the biz, but also because that’s how he would have loved to be treated himself. A good heart goes a long way in this world. And that’s exactly what the Farbers possess. And if for some odd reason, you don’t believe me, then let these photos prove you wrong.


So the best advice I can give in regards to what to wear for your photoshoot is this: Don’t stick out like a sore thumb! This is what I mean by that — no matter what the location is please dress in a way that complements it. If you're at the beach, pick colors that work with the sand and the water. If you’re in the woods, pick colors that match the surrounding trees, grass, etc.. Another huge thing to remember is to not wear restrictive clothing. Always wear something comfortable. Don’t let your clothes dictate what you can’t and can do during your photoshoot. If you need to sit down, hug, throw your kid up in the air, or roll around your clothes need to allow you to do that! And lastly, you can always go on Instagram or Google and type in the location you’re thinking of and see what other families wore to their sessions.


This session was photographed on a Canon RF28-70mm F2 L USM Lens and a Canon EOS-R body. All photos were edited individually in Adobe Lightroom Classic. No presets were used.