Orange County family photographer

Family Beach Photoshoot | Crystal Cove State Park, Ca.

It’s not every day I get to photograph a family with so much personality as the Azar’s. So whenever an opportunity like that comes along I jump right in, without thinking twice about it! Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach opened her gorgeous welcoming arms as always. The sun and the weather meshed perfectly with the energy Kate and her 3 boys brought with them. After a few “warm-up” clicks the photo session went much better than could ever be expected. Here are some of the highlights from that day.

Cute Persian boy posing for a portrait with his mom at the beach.
A family of four sitting down on the bench posing for a portrait.
Cute family of 3 posing for a family portrait at Crystal Cove State Park.
Persian family of 4 walking through the field at Crystal Cove State Park during their family photoshoot.
Young Persian baby looking over his dads shoulder at the beach in Orange County.
Mother and her son enjoying a beach photoshoot, walking down the stairs at Crystal Cove State Park.
Family beach photoshoot with Orange County Photographer Venya Manzyuk.
Young baby yawning in his fathers arms at the beach photoshoot.
Persian man playing with is son at the beach in Orange County.