December 17, 2023

BBD Live 2023

Orange County event photographer

Business by Design Conference 2023 | Marriott Hotel, Irvine, Ca.

This was my first crack at event photography! I had no idea of the magnitude and sheer size of the job I had undertaken until I actually got to the location. The Marriott hotel where the conference took place was packed to the rim with over 1000 attendees of this mind blowing end-of-the-year celebration! James Wedmore and his wife Jenny put on a magnificent performance with their guest speakers and member panels. Perhaps next year I'll be in the audience myself instead of the one photographing it!

BBD live 2023 Jenni Wedmore entering the 2023 BBD live stage in Irvine.
James Wedmore entering BBD live 2023 event stage in Orange County, Ca.
Business by design 2023 conference with 1000 people in Irvine, CA.