Orange County family photographer

Family Photos | Jeffrey Open Space Trail, Irvine.

I love my multi-generational family photos! There is nothing better than to watch and capture grandkids interacting with their grandparents. The Li family offered me just that! Jeffrey Open Space Trail in Irvine, California is one of my favorite go-to spots for family sessions. So, of course, we ended up there!

Family portrait of a Chinese family taken in Grove Square Park.
Portrait of a Chinese grandmother taken by Irvine family photographer,  Venya Manzyuk.
Portrait of a Chinese grandpa taken during their family photoshoot in Irvine, Ca.
Portrait of a Chinese boy taken in Irvine by Orange County family photographer, Venya Manzyuk.
An outdoor portrait of Chinese grandparents.
A Chinese boy decided to pose for the camera during their family photo session.
Three Chinese kids hysterically laughing at their family photoshoot in Orange County.
Funny photograph of three Chinese kids messing around with each other.
A candid moment between a grandma and her grandkids captured by Irvine family photographer, Venya Manzyuk.
Chinese man and his young son playing around during their family photoshoot.
Chinese grandpa saying something funny to his grandkids at a park in Irvine.
A Chinese married couple posing casually for their family portrait in Irvine.
Chinese parents giving their son a kiss on both cheeks during their family photo session in Irvine, California.
Chinese family posing for a family portrait at a Woodbury community park.