Orange County family photographer

Kids Holiday Photoshoot | Citrus Ranch Park, Tustin, Ca.

Well I suppose I have a slight advantage when it comes to this holiday cards photoshoot. These three happened to be our kids. Yes these wonderful buckets of joy are all ours. The challenge that comes with photographing three wild children is pretty much universal. The only thing I can think of that helped me get this session done under an hour is the fact that I’ve been photographing them for years so the idea of having a camera shoved in front of their faces isn’t such a foreign one. So the big question still remains — do I personally enjoy photographing kids? Well, that is still up for debate. But, will I ever pass up that challenge? Probably not. Citrus Ranch Park for the win as always!

Brother and sister hugging for a family portrait in Tustin.
Portrait of a 10 year old boy smiling at Citrus Ranch Park.
12 year old boy in a white hoodie posing for a kid portrait.
Brother getting a piggy back ride from his younger sister at a family photoshoot in Orange County, Ca.
9 year old girl with messy blond hair posing for her kid portrait in Orange County.