Orange County car photographer

Pacific German's 2020 F82 Imola Red BMW M4 Heritage Edition

She is not too flashy. She isn’t too much of a show pony either. She is — what some may refer to as — a “teaser”. Her VF Engineering Stage 2 Tuned Twin-Turbocharged Inline-Six engine puts out 550 horsies and playfully purrs while causing just the right amount of anxiety to anyone who will dare challenge her street supremacy. But enough with kitty cat references and subtle sexual innuendoes; let’s get straight to it. Ladies and gentlemen please say hello to this one-of-a-kind Imola Red 2020 F82 BMW M4 Heritage Edition — Pacific German style.

The initial impression of the owner of this bad girl could be as intimidating as the car itself. But once you give him a squeeze and a smooch his I’m-a-big-bad-performance-shop-guru persona melts right off and what you’re left with is the most genuine down-to-earth human you’ll ever meet. That being said, don’t let this teddy bear of a man fool you. He is a master of his craft and he knows it. He’s been around the block once or twice and gave birth to a monster build a time or two before. Is this his most awesome build ever? Probably not. But was the same amount of attention and detail put into this project as if it was? The answer to that question is a simple — Yes!

I honestly don’t even know how I found myself photographing this beauty, but I’m happy jump on any opportunity that comes my way. Do I consider myself to be a top-tier automotive photographer — probably not. But an my better than “some guy with a camera”? I’d like to think so, yes, but you be the judge.

Actual shooting time for this project amounted to around one and a half hours. The rest of the time was spent driving up and down Pacific Coast Highway and at times yelling “Sweet Jesus!” at the top of my lungs whenever 3rd gear began to pull!

Since I’ve never really photographed a performance vehicle of any kind before and had no scouted locations in mind I went with downtown Laguna Beach as a default go-to. I wanted just enough urban feel in the photos to be able to convey the magnificence of M Power engineering. And at the same time I wanted the timeless origins of a town such as Laguna Beach to reflect in the corresponding BMW lines. All-in-all I think I ended up capturing exactly that and then some! Hope you enjoy my work!

Cockpit view of a heritage imola red Bmw m4 photographed in Laguna Beach.
Low angle shot of the grill from a F82 Bmw M4.
Close up of a driver's side rear view mirror from a red Bmw m4.
Interior instrument panel shot of a F82 M4.
Heritage door panel logo of a Bmw m4.
Top down view of a M4 bumper on a Imola red bmw.
Red ignition button on the dash of a f82 Bmw m4.
Passenger side leather seat stitching on the interior of a heritage red Bmw M4.
Top down view of a passenger side leather seat inside a Bmw m4.
Navigation screen and in the interior of a f82 bmw.
Imola red Bmw m4 parked next to a yellow wall in Laguna Beach.
3/4 view of a modified f82 Heritage BMW m4 with back wheels parked in Orange County.
Top down view of an engine bay of a f82 m4 with VF engineering supercharger.
Eventuri intake pipes inside the engine bay of a supercharged Bmw m4.
Akrapovich exhaust tips sticking out from under the Imola Red bumper of a Heritage BMW m4.
Front end of lowered and heavily modified imola red Bmw m4.
Rear end of a red Bmw m4 parked on the side street in Laguna.
Driver's side cockpit view of a black leather interior Heritage f82 Bmw m4.
M4 logo of a passenger seat f82 bmw.
Dark interior of a f82 Bmw m4.
Car photoshoot in Laguna Beach with a imola red f82.
Wide angle view of a black and red leather interior on a f82 Heritage BMW m4.
Low angle view of a front end from a red Bmw m4.
Close up view through the front windshield of a imola red f82.
Eventuri intake inside a f82 engine bay.
Driver's side rear end view of a Imola red f82 parked next to a yellow brick wall in Laguna Beach.
Close up view of massive HRE wheels on a Heritage Imola Red f82.
Close up view of a speedometer on the dashboard of a f82 bmw.