Orange County family photographer

Beach Family Photoshoot | Crystal Cove State Park

Nothing ever beats a warm, gorgeous day at the beach! But, what makes that day even more memorable is a beautiful family. I was lucky enough book a double win this day! Brydie reached out to me and said that her family will be vacationing in Anaheim and a beach photoshoot was exactly what would make the trip complete. After a few minutes on the phone we settled on Crystal Cove State Park. The rest, as they say, was history!

cute asian boy in khaki pants and suspenders being watched by his dad at the beach
Young woman in a white dress strolling at the beach while holding her young son's hand in a family photo session.
Asian man squatting on beach rocks with his wife and two boys during a family photoshoot at Newport Beach, California.
Asian man, wife, and two boys posing for a family portrait in Newport Beach.
Beautiful family of four on a California beach, photographed by Orange County Photographer Venya Manzyuk.
young boy bending over in front of his baby brother at the beach with his parents behind him
cute asian boy in suspenders
a woman in a white dress with her mother and husband and kids
cute asian boy standing on a rock at the beach with his father
young asian boy sitting in his father's arms while his mother is smiling at him
young asian boy making everyone around him laugh during a group photo
Young Asian kid center of attention at family photoshoot, Newport Beach.
asian boy looking at his uncle laughing in his father's arms
asian boy with his finger up his nose