newport beach family photographer

Family Photoshoot | Crystal Cove State Park, Newport Beach, Ca.

I’ve photographed a ton of families in my life. I’ve witnessed the shy, the awkward, the outgoing, the pretty, and the indifferent. I’ve walked away from photoshoots feeling completely drained and I’ve had times when I didn’t want the session to end. All of that being said, I have to admit that the Marci family truly falls into a category of their own. I’d like to think that I can pin point exactly to the reason why, but I’m afraid I’ll miscategorize. I’m terrified to simply toss them into some superficial bin of “this is what makes a family work”. Or maybe I’m spot on. Maybe once in a while a family comes along and everything about them makes perfect sense. Their look, their energy, and their dynamic. All those traits combined call for a certain label. They call for a trademark of sorts. An in this instance let that mark be known as The Marci Effect.

a family with two young children walking down the beach at Crystal Cove State park
a woman and her family is looking down at her newborn son at the beach
a woman is giving her newborn baby a kiss on the forehead
a man in a blue striped shirt playing in the sand with his daughter
a young girl is holding on to her father as he is spinning her around
father and his young daughter running down the beach
a cute brunette girl is looking up at her father while they are sitting down talking
young brunette girl has her head down laughing
a man is laying down on the beach holding his daughter straight up over his body
beautiful young brown haired girl is smiling with her hand on her cheek
a cute girl hugging her father from behind
young girl messing with her dad's hair from behind
a woman in a white dress and brown hair holding her newborn son up in the air
a young woman in a white dress is showing off her newborn son
cute girl in a blue romper balancing on the log at the beach
cute young girl is touching a puddle of ocean water with her toes
father giving his young daughter a kiss on the forehead
young girl in a blue romper standing next to her father at sunset
a balding man is hugging his family as they are walking down the beach
a young girl is pressed up against her mother's chest
very happy young girl riding on top of her father's shoulders
a girl in a blue romper is spreading her arms wide while sitting on top of her father's shoulders
a man is embracing his wife and daughter on the beach at sunset