Orange County family photographer

Holiday Family Photos | Lido Island, Newport Beach, Ca.

Andrea reached out and booked her family's holiday photos with me right before Thanksgiving. That is usually a perfect time to do it. They live on Lido Island in Newport Beach so I couldn't have asked for a better location than that. The weather worked out beautifully and two hours later we had ourselves a collection of images that would last a lifetime. All in all these are the types of sessions I love — lot's of personalities, pets, and a backdrop to die for. I hope my photographs did it justice.

a family of 4 gathered around their German shepherd
a woman in a white dress and a jean jacket holding a small dog while her daughter is petting it
a man in a grey sweater is touching foreheads with his daughter
a middle aged man in a grey sweater and khaki pants standing on top of rocks at the beach
a girl in a tube top walking down the street with her brother
a teenager in a grey sweater sitting down next to two palm trees
good looking Newport Beach family of 4 standing on the beach in Lido Island
teenage boy sitting down next to colorful canoes
teenage brother and sister standing next to a bunch of canoes
teenage girl with blond hair and a tube top
beautiful brunette woman in a white dress and a blue jean jacket
a woman in a blue jean jacket standing in front of her husband
a couple kissing at the docks
cute married couple hugging each other at the pier in newport beach
cute older married couple standing next to each other smiling
funny looking kid hanging on the rails at the pier
father and son playing thumb war
an older mother sitting down at the docks with her teenage son
mother and son sitting down talking at he pier
teenage girl and her dad throwing up their arms
older couple walking in the sand at the beach
good looking older couple hugging each other