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Lake Oak Meadows Wedding | Temecula, Ca.

Full of anticipation and with no real signs of anxiety the soon-to-be husband and wife casually arrived at the beautiful Lake Oak Meadows Winery. Their engagement session with me happened just a few short weeks ago, and yet, I was consumed with a tiny bit of nervousness and an overwhelming sense of responsibility entrusted to me by everyone involved. Tiffany and her trusty entourage made their way inside the bridal suite and began preparations for the long awaited ceremony. Everyone looked gorgeous. Tears mixed with laughter dominated the evening as this beautiful Temecula wedding took on its predictable tone! As the night set in and the music got louder, my work there was successfully done. Thank you Tiffany and Johnathan for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day!

Lake Oak Meadows groom and bride housing.
Bride sitting by herself in a make up chair getting ready for her wedding.
Bride getting her make up done before her wedding ceremony in Temecula.
Portrait of a bride with a robe making a funny face while getting ready for her wedding.
Flower girl waiting her turn to get make up done.
Bride putting on make up on the flower girl.
Mother of the bride getting her face done before the wedding begins.
Bride all pumped up for the ceremony at her wedding.
Groomsman sleeping on the porch.
Groom getting the sleeves of his shirt buttoned.
Groom putting on a tie before his wedding ceremony in Lake Oak Meadows Winery.