Orange County wedding photographer

Santa Barbara Wedding at Mar Monte Hotel

If there is another way to say “Oh my God, this place is so damn beautiful!” than please tell me! But seriously though, if any of you out there looking for a wedding venue or just a super chill place to come and relax in, then Mar Monte Hotel has to be at the top of the list. Super friendly staff, super clean grounds, and plenty of sunshine to go around for everybody! I wish I spent more time photographing every nook and cranny of this marvel of a hotel, but instead I was “stuck” capturing what I now nominate to be one of the most traditionally untraditional weddings of all time! Not a bad thing at all, but by all means a must mention.

When I got “the call” from Dane and was given the preverbal reigns to take the lead on all of the photographic aspects of this celebratory event aka The Wedding, I secretly jumped up and screamed on the inside. I met Dane a couple years back and got a chance to photograph his chiseled jaw line and his oh-so protruding cheek bones, so the thought of having to relive that experience and on top of it include Lauren in the same images with him, made me the happiest photographer on the planet.

After all was said and done, I gotta tell ya that Santa Barbara was definitely worth the wait. I kept pressing my shutter finger and praying to god that my single slot SD card camera wouldn’t fail me. 12 hours flew buy quicker than the 10 minute ceremony and I was left with a couple thousand of images to take home and sort through. Whether it’s a small family shoot or a big ol’ wedding, I’m always left wondering if I did a good job. I’m always left wondering If I did right by my clients. In this case I’m pretty certain I did alright. Actually, I’m pretty damn sure I did great!

Building number of Mar Monte Hotel photographed during a beautiful wedding ceremony.
A wide angle view of East Cabrillo Blvd with Mar Monte Hotel in the background.
This photo of Mar Monte hotel sign in Santa Barbara was captured prior to a lovely wedding ceremony.
A box containing three different donuts delivered to the Winchester Canyon Gun Club for a wedding party.
Winchester Canyon Gun club weapon's instructor giving instructions to a wedding party.
Shotguns lined up side by side at a gun club.
All male wedding party sitting down at Winchester Canyon gun club.
Weapons instructor giving instructions to groom and his party on how to operate a shotgun.
Serious looking groomsman with a shotgun slung across his shoulder.