irvine family photographer

Family Photoshoot | Jeffrey Open Space Trail, Irvine, Ca.

There will always be a first. In this case my first came in a form of a snazzily dressed grandpa and a handful of his fantastically over-behaved grandchildren. Not for one day have I considered myself to be an expert in coordinating such a project, but never have I once felt that such an endeavor was too much for me to handle. Truth be told, I have no idea if I succeeded. My only hope is that a couple of these photographs will make the proverbial wall. Jeffrey Open Space Trail in Irvine, CA, was once again the location I recommended, and thus, our family photoshoot commenced.

Grandpa and granddaughter posing for a portrait in Irvine, Ca.
Portrait of a grandfather and his granddaughter taken in Irvine.
Kid portrait taken during a family photo session in Jeffrey Trail.
Grandpa and his grand kid sitting on a big rock in Irvine.
Orange County family photoshoot of a grandpa and his grand kids.
Chubby young baby girl posing for a portrait.
Grandpa posing for a portrait with his granddaughter in a park.
Grandfather holding his baby grand kid on his hip laughing during a family photo session in Irvine.
Older gentleman sitting down on a bench with his hands crossed.
Grandpa in a straw hat with a red strip posing for a portrait with a grass field in the background.
Headshot of an older guy with squinty eyes taken by OC family photographer, Venya Manzyuk.
Grandpa adjusting his straw hat during his family photoshoot at a park in Irvine.
Close up portrait of a grandfather in a straw hat taken by family photographer, Venya Manzyuk.
Beautiful family photo session at Jeffrey Open Space Trail.
Family portrait of a grandson and his grandfather sitting on rocks at a park in OC.