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Holiday Family Photos | Jeffrey Trail, Irvine, Ca.

It’s one thing to have a beautiful family to photograph year in and year out, but it’s a whole different having to realize that each time you see them means that another year has passed us by. But hey, let’s not start off on a sad note! The Pfeiffer family came to Jeffrey Trail looking their best as always. Natasha and Jason did not change one bit, but the boys sure did grow a lot taller! A few hundred clicks later the holiday photo session was all wrapped up. We said our goodbyes and on the way home I couldn’t help but wonder if the next 12 months would fly by as fast as the last 12 did. I guess we will soon find out.

White Irvine family sitting on a big rock at Jeffrey Trail posing for a portrait.
Korean woman in a blue dress posing for a family portrait with her two biracial boys in Irvine, Ca.
Tow biracial boys sitting on a big rock posing for a portrait in Irvine, Ca.
A family of 4 gathered under a big tree for a portrait during their photoshoot in Orange County.
White man and his Korean wife standing together with their two boys posing for a family portrait in Irvine.
Pfeiffer family photoshoot at Jeffrey Open Space Train in Irvine, Ca.
Two young brothers posing for a picture.
Young half Korean boy laying down on the concrete wall laughing.
Sad little boy in a blue polo shirt looking at the photographer in Irvine.
Beautiful family portrait of people walking down Jeffrey Trail holding each other's arms.
Young couple sitting in high grass posing for a family portrait in Irvine.
Intimate moment between a father and his boys captured by OC family photographer, Venya Manzyuk.
Jeffrey Open Space Trail family photoshoot by Venya Manzyuk.
Cute family picture with fall colors in Irvine, Ca.
Pfeiffer family walking together at sunset.
Two young boys playing with their parents during their family photo session in Irvine with Venya Manzyuk.
Young couple in love posing for a portrait at sunset photographed by Venya Manzyuk.
Happy young couple holding each other close at the end of their family photoshoot in Orange County, Ca.

Tips For a Fun Family Photoshoot:

First and foremost you have to choose the right photographer. Your style and his/her style have to mesh. If you are hiring someone for their fun, editorial, untraditional approach, then you have to expect to get “down and dirty” during your photo session. Do not overcomplicate the photoshoot! Let your natural behavior shine through. After all, the photographer is there to capture you and YOUR family, not some other family you might be trying to portray! In other words, let your personalities shine. Be as free as your conscience allows. Just remember that a family photoshoot is supposed to be a a little snippet of who you guys are as a family, the photographer is simply there to capture that.

Technical Information:

This session was photographed on a Canon RF28-70mm F2 L USM Lens and a Canon EOS-R body. All photos were edited individually in Adobe Lightroom Classic. No presets were used and some retouching was done.

Looking for a Family Photographer in Irvine Area?

If that’s the case than feel free to reach out to me so we can set up a date and a time for out initial conversation to see if we are a match!