Orange County family photographer

Family Photos | Turtle Rock Community Park, Irvine, Ca.

I would imagine that people choose to go back to the same photographer over and over because they love his or hers work. If that's the case then I would have to assume that the Pfeiffer family is obsessed with mine 😁! And if that is true, then the feeling is definitely mutual! These guys never fail! Always looking their best, always full of energy, and always a great time! This year Natasha chose Turtle Rock Community Park as the location for our photoshoot. And I have to say, I couldn't have picked a better spot myself. The park offered just the right amount of everything. Trees, grass, benches, water, and ducks! Can't wait to work with this bunch again next year!

A woman in a white dress walking with her husband and two boys at a park in Irvine during their family photoshoot.
A beautiful woman in a white dress looking back at the photographer while holding her husbands and sons hands.
Two boys playing with their parents at Turtle Rock Community Park.
Two young brothers running around their parents during their family photo session in Irvine, Ca.
Young boy with a big smile posing for a portrait in Orange County.
Young boy watching his mother kiss his brother at a park in Irvine.
A boy with a missing tooth posing for a portrait with Orange County family photographer, Venya Manzyuk.
Two brothers in matching outfits posing for a portrait by a big tree in Turtle Rock Park.
Two cute boys sitting down next to each other by a big tree posing for a photo.
A man holding his son up in his arms during a family photoshoot at a park in Irvine.
Beautiful portrait taken by Venya Manzyuk of a young family standing by a big tree in Orange County.
Young boy making a funny face.