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Quinceañera Photoshoot | Garden Grove, Ca.

When a child’s mother contacts you two years prior to her kid’s 15th birthday to book a photoshoot, you know she means business! I had no idea what I said yes to when Claudia agreed to my terms, but I knew it was going to be something special. Two years flew by in a heartbeat, and all of a sudden June 12th, 2021 was upon us. Having never photographed a Quinceanera before, I came into the shoot fully expecting a mini-wedding ceremony, and I wasn’t wrong. Minus a few differences in “protocol” and “procedure” the day flowed just as a big celebration would. There was a church, a house get together, and of course — the grand reception in Garden Grove, Ca.! I kept my shutter firing and ended up capturing some of the more unique images I’ve ever shot. The fiesta kept roaring well past midnight, but my tired feet and brain checked out about 12 hours into the ordeal. I said my goodbye’s and left the venue around 9pm. After spending a few days editing the files I decided on showcasing these particular photos because I feel as though they’ve captured the rawest and the realest moments of that day. Hope you enjoy them and become as fond of them as I have!

People gathered around a Catholic Church in Garden Grove for a Quinceañera ceremony.
Pretty Mexican girl posing for a portrait inside a catholic church.
15 year old Mexican girl posing for a portrait at her Quinceañera.
Mexican Catholic Priest in a green robe giving a speech during a Quinceañera photoshoot.
15 year old Mexican girl praying on her knees at a church during her Quinceañera.