Orange County wedding photographer

Nellie Gail Ranch Wedding | Orange County, Ca.

Disclaimer first - I’d like to admit that I’ve known this Orange County kid since he barely had enough gusto to call me by my first name! That being said, I always knew that this boy had it! He was the “most likely to succeed” as they like to label some of us in our high school yearbooks. To me he had the look of a guy who would automatically reject anything harmful to himself and say yes to anything that would make him tons of friends and dollars! All of that put aside I was presented with a small little task of capturing this gorgeous Nellie Gail Ranch wedding. A beautiful celebration of love and happiness between Ben and his beautiful wife Katie. No big deal right? No pressure! Let’s hope I didn’t screw it up!

Wide angle view of a wedding venue in Nellie Gail Ranch.
Bride getting her hair done before her wedding ceremony in OC.
Make up bag full of different types of lipstick eye shadow.
Young Russian bride getting her eye make up done before her wedding ceremony.
Russian bride posing calmly for her wedding photograph in Orange County.
Brides wedding dress hanging from a ceiling at a venue in Nellie Gail.
Half naked groom posing for a portrait before he begins to get dressed.
Groom typing his vows on his cellphone before the wedding ceremony begins.
Young Russian groom buttoning up his shirt.
Groom buttoning up his sleeves.
Louis Vouitton belt buckle being snapped into grooms pants on his wedding day photoshoot.
Groomsmen helping the groom with his tie on wedding day in OC.
Russian groom getting his jacket checked by the groomsmen on wedding day.
Beautiful Russian Bride from Orange County ready to go meet the groom.
Happy guy posing for a photograph on his wedding day in Laguna.
Smiling groom in a blue suit and a red tie waiting for the bride to show up.
Bride with a bouquet of flowers in her hand ready to surprise the groom.
First Looks in Orange County California.
Bride sneaking up behind the groom on wedding day.
Intimate moment between bride and groom captured by Orange County wedding photographer, Venya Manzyuk.
Russian bride and groom ready for the first kiss.
Beautiful wedding portrait of bride and groom at a mansion in Orange County.
Happy moment between the groom and the bride at a wedding venue in Orange County, Ca.
Wedding portrait of a young Russian bride and her husband at a park in Laguna Niguel.
A couple walking through a huge mansion on their wedding day in OC.
Portrait of a young gorgeous Russian bride looking out the window on her wedding night.
Russian bride walking down a spiral staircase with her husband holding her hand before the wedding reception.
A newly wed couple kissing on the staircase in a mansion captured by OC wedding photographer, Venya Manzyuk.
A bride posing for a wedding portrait with her newly wed husband.
Laguna Niguel wedding venue.
Wedding cake on a table at a mansion in Orange County.
Big Russian father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle at a religious wedding ceremony.
Happy bride with her father walking down the aisle.
Bride and groom at the alter.