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Intimate Wedding | Seattle, Wa.

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a couple who truly belonged together more than these two beautiful souls. If there was one word that I could say to describe them it would be — genuine! There isn’t one pretentious thing about these two love birds. They love what they love. Believe what they believe. And are more than convinced that they are unmistakably perfect. God bless them! Their beautiful intimate wedding took place a little south of Seattle.

bride getting her eye make up done
mother of the bride laughing with her daughter
brides made getting her hair curled
young boy in a pink shirt standing by the window
bride in a silk robe looking at herself in the mirror
bride and her young bridesmaids laughing in their robes
bridesmaid and the bride in their robes in a empty bedroom
brides wedding dress on a stand
mother of the bride helping her daughter with the wedding dress
bride getting help from her mother and bridesmaid putting on a vail
iPhone photo of the bride and her mom
beautiful blond Ukrainian bride
bride standing alone in her wedding dress in a dark room
bride holder her hands
gold wedding bands inside a wooden box
table set for a wedding reception with silverware and plates
father of the bride in a suit and tie
bride in a wedding dress standing behind her father
bride wiping her tears after seeing her father for the first time
father of the bride giving her a kiss on the cheek
bride wiping her face with a handkerchief while standing next to her father
Wedding photographer Venya Manzyuk took this portrait of a Ukrainian bride in Seattle.
Portrait of a bride before her wedding ceremony at a Ukrainian church in Seattle, Wa.
happy Ukrainian bride in a wedding dress
groom getting ready to walk down the isle
groom fixing his jacket inside a Ukrainian baptist church
groomsman walking two bridesmaids down the isle
father and mother of the bride walking down the isle
groom waiting at the altar at a Ukrainian baptist church
flower boy and girl walking down the isle
bride walking down the isle with her father
father and the bride walking down to the altar
groom greeting the bride at the altar
groom and bride getting wed by a Ukrainian pastor
mother and father of the bride singing a church hymn
bride praying with the pastor
Ukrainian pastor marrying a young couple inside a big church
groom praying at the altar
mother and father of the bride intently listening to the sermon
funny looking groomsmen with a big mustache
bride and groom at the altar
flower girl and boy sitting down at the altar
groom and bride holding each other's hands
groom and bride praying
groom and bride are head to head holding each other's hands at the church
groom kissing the brides hand during prayer
father of the bride praying during wedding ceremony
grandmother crying at a wedding ceremony
groom praying into a microphone
groom has her eyes closed during prayer
first kiss
groom and bride announced as husband and wife
groom holding the brides hand high after announcement
family hugs after wedding ceremony
grandmother in law hugging groom
bride and groom praying before reception begins at a Ukrainian church
little baby boy laying across his grandmas lap at a wedding reception
mother and son sitting next to each other at a wedding reception
big Ukrainian family photo after the wedding reception
groom and bride standing with their parents after reception
bride laughing with her Ukrainian parents after her wedding
bride holding a bouquet of flowers next to her mother
mother of the bride making a funny face
bride and her mother after their wedding
bride holding a bouquet of flowers next to her father
bride kissing her father's cheek
groom kissing the brides neck
groom and bride walking away from the ocean in the wind
groom and bride laughing
Wedding portrait of a Brazilian man and a Ukrainian girl with ocean in the background.
groom has his hands tight around the brides chest laughing
An intimate moment captured during a wedding photoshoot between a bride and groom in Federal Way, Wa.