orange county senior portrait photographer

Celebrate Taylor's senior year: A photoshoot for the ages

The San Juan Capistrano Train Station was the perfect place to celebrate Taylor's senior year of high school. I've watched her grow up since she was 12, and it was so awesome to capture her senior photos. Taylor is a natural in front of the camera – her smile is infectious, and she's so confident. We had a blast exploring the train station and taking advantage of the soft, pretty light from the overcast sky. Each one of these photos tells a different story about this important milestone in her life. I love how they capture Taylor's genuine personality and excitement for what's next.

Even though we had a few unexpected moments – a sudden gust of wind and a surprise photobomb – those little things made her senior portraits photoshoot even more special. I'm so happy with how they turned out.

Senior portrait on vintage railroad tracks, San Juan Capistrano.
Senior portrait detail: Delicate necklace and bold red lips, capturing Taylor's unique style.
California senior portrait with rustic railroad charm.
Close-up senior portrait, windswept hair, natural beauty.
Senior portrait close-up in soft light, emphasizing natural beauty and confidence.
Relaxed senior portrait, vintage train station background.
Senior portrait captures serious pose at San Juan Capistrano landmark
Senior portrait at San Juan Capistrano station: Confidence shines through in white and boots.
Vintage vibes: Senior portrait with a moody twist, Taylor perched on a San Juan Capistrano train station bench.
Candid senior portrait on bench, San Juan Capistrano train station.
Moody senior portrait: Taylor sits contemplatively on a San Juan Capistrano train station bench.
Senior portrait in San Juan Capistrano: A mix of western flair and modern style (white outfit, cowgirl boots).
Relaxed senior pose on bench, white outfit complements historic setting.
San Juan Capistrano senior portrait: Country charm in white skirt and boots.
Senior portrait: Cowgirl boots peek out from under white skirt.
Confident senior portrait: Taylor bathed in warm sunlight, framed by a weathered door.
Sun-kissed senior portrait: Taylor glows against rustic wooden door.
Senior portrait with a touch of western style: white outfit, cowgirl boots.
Classic charm: Senior portrait in a white country outfit, framed by a picket fence.
Natural beauty in focus: Senior portrait close-up with white picket fence background.
Senior portrait celebrates accomplishments, letterman jacket.
Senior portrait with Stanford flag, dreams of higher education.