Family road trip to Wyoming: Our Star Valley Ranch experience

We woke up ridiculously early and packed the kids into our Audi Q7 for a 14-hour road trip. 1100 miles were covered in no time and by evening we rolled into Justin's place in Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming. Exhausted, but thrilled to finally be there!

The kids were in heaven – this was like no other family vacation we’ve ever done. Time raced by, and suddenly we wished we'd planned a whole month instead of just a week. As the designated family photographer, I snapped away the entire time. Laughter, road snacks, stunning Wyoming views – I tried to capture every memory.

Star Valley Ranch was the perfect escape. The kids ran free, the dogs joined the fun, and I got some amazing lifestyle photos of those breathtaking Wyoming landscapes. We hated to leave, but all good things must come to an end, right?

Justin Cleeves pouring pancake batter on a griddle at his house in Star Valley Ranch, Wy.
A shot through the kitchen window of a man making breakfast on a griddle in Wyoming.
A wide angle shot of pancakes and bacon on a big griddle.
Kids throwing a frisbee to a dog in a big back yard of a house in Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming.
Justin Fields posing for a portrait while loading the back of his boat in Star Valley Ranch.
Wide angle shot of a Supra Boat being loaded up for a trip to Palisades Reservoir.
Big head English bulldog standing in the driveway watching people getting ready to go on a boat in Wyoming.
10 year old girl goofing off in front of a camera in Wyoming.
Young mom and her two sons posing for a portrait at a house in Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming.
Hot mom hugging her daughter in Star Valley Ranch, photographed by Venya Manzyuk.