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young married couple playing with their two children at the beach


a Russian woman in a red dress laughing with her husband and daughter at the beach
African American boy spreading his arms wide laughing

It's your story. Most of the time it’s not perfect, but it is yours — and I would be honored to tell it. Whatever season we may be in, I’d love to be the one to document it. My approach is a bit different! My focus is on your connection, your heart, and allowing your true personalities to shine through.

It’s never about posing or forcing photographs with me. I shoot what I feel! My job is to figure out what it is you love about one another, what it is that makes you tick as a family. It’s a beautiful ride — I want to take you on it and allow time to stand still. I want you to remember every single moment.

A woman in a black dress smiling with her husband and children at their family photoshoot in Newport Beach.
I focus on the candid interactions, subtle gestures, and the intimate details —

For me it's about the light hitting your face while you're holding your first born. It's the look your husband gives you while he watches in the doorway as you nurse. It's the way your youngest daughter ties your shoes while the oldest one messes with her dad's hair. It's about the way the wind feels on your face while you walk along the beach with your kids running in front of you. It's about those moments that either take you back in time or capture you in the present. It's about understanding each other without saying a word.

a woman with long brown hair holding her young child at the beach


Cute baby cheeks, chubby faces, messy hair, missing front teeth.

a boy wearing dirty wet pants is being held up in the air by his father
cute Indian baby smiling in his father's arms
two young girls and their brother sitting in a hammock smiling


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Emilia Marci

Father hugging his young daughter at Crystal Cove State park beach

One of a kind. Luckily I stumbled across a photo taken by Venya and in no time we booked our family session. Throughout, Venya has been flexible with dates/locations; answering every phone call and our requests respectfully and professionally. If you want a photographer who can lighten up the mood and is not afraid to get dirty just to catch a glipse of your family connection - look no further. The results of our session speaks volumes.