Local Orange County Gym Photoshoot with Joel Willis & Cristina Veeris from JayCore Fitness

Working with Joel and Cristina on this project was an absolute blast. They are two goodhearted and outgoing people who love what they do and how they do it! Joel is the founder of JayCore Fitness here in Irvine, CA., and needed some marketing photos done for his business—a job that's completely in my wheelhouse. Their gym has a dark, industrial vibe to it, but after seeing the pictures, I think it played in their favor. I love the moody vibe and the "hardcore" energy that this photoshoot captured. Luckily for me, Joel and Cristina are the exact opposite of hardcore; they are 100% funcore!

Joel Willis, founder of JayCore Fitness, poses for a marketing headshot in his industrial-style gym.
Joel Willis showcasing his strength and physique during a marketing photoshoot for JayCore Fitness.
Cristina Veeris, female fitness trainer smiling for a professional headshot.
Personal trainer headshot: Fit woman smiling and ready to help clients achieve their fitness goals.
Cristina, a fitness trainer, demonstrating TRX rows in a dark and moody gym setting.
Woman performing TRX rows in an industrial-style gym.
Two people demonstrate barbell walking lunges in a fitness photoshoot.
Joel Willis, a fitness trainer, demonstrates proper form for walking lunges in a dimly lit gym.
Low-angle view of a woman doing lunges across a gym floor.
A female personal trainer with long brown hair, wearing a tight, grey one piece outfit, demonstrates proper form on a lat pulldown machine.
A woman performs a lat pulldown exercise in a gym setting, showcasing correct posture and hand placement.
Joel and Cristina, owners of JayCore Fitness, lead a group exercise class in their industrial-style gym during a marketing photoshoot.
Fitness photoshoot at JayCore: Joel and Cristina guide clients through an exercise in their hardcore gym environment.
JayCore Fitness marketing photo: Co-owners Joel and Cristina demonstrate a workout routine to clients in their dimly lit gym.
A man and woman in athletic wear perform a push-up on the gym floor, coaching clients in the background.
A fitness trainer demonstrates proper push-up form in a gritty, urban gym setting.
A portrait of Joel, showcasing the energy and strength of the JayCore Fitness brand.
Action shot of a fitness model demonstrating a core exercise using an exercise ball.
A man with defined muscles doing a cable workout in a dark, industrial gym.