Photography is the story I fail to put into words.

— Destin Sparks

Dane Nielsen

Venya was the perfect photographer for our wedding in Santa Barbara. He captured all the best moments. He was fun and engaging helping everyone enjoy the process and get the best pictures. He went out of his way to capture some great memories. The work speaks for itself. You have to check him out!

Father hugging his young daughter at Crystal Cove State park beach

Emilia Marci

One of a kind. Luckily I stumbled across a photo taken by Venya and in no time we booked our family session. Throughout, Venya has been flexible with dates/locations; answering every phone call and our requests respectfully and professionally.

Beautiful young family of 4 sitting down in a grass field at sunset in Irvine California

Natasha Pfeiffer

Venya is an incredible photographer who consistently for four years has captured the silly and loving moments of our family, which has two small boys full of energy. He knows how to work well with our kids to get them to light up and is always open to my ideas.

Indian family photoshoot with a young 1 year old baby in Irvine, Ca.

Sashant Patel

Venya provided exceptional customer service and displayed adaptability by catering to our diverse requirements on two different occasions. He kept us engaged and camera-ready. From professional profile pics to the baby's 1st birthday photos, this man can do it all.

Grandpa sitting down on a big rock with his 3 young grandkids in Irvine Jefferey Open Trail

Alejandra Bishop

Venya photographed our family - Grandpa and 3 kids (ages 9 months, a 2 and a 6 year old) and did a magnificent job. He was able to match the kids energy, made the photo shoot a lot of fun for everyone involved and those of us (parents) standing back. He was quick in his communication, and flexible. The photographs are incredible, and the photo shoot was so much fun.

Family photoshoot at Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin, Ca.

Ashley Young

Venya is the most charismatic, photographer I have ever worked with. He understands the nuances of thoughts and imagery with how it effects one’s facial expressions. Which is insanely genius! You truly can’t ask for anyone better!

Family photo session in Dana Point, Ca.

Katie Tummala

Venya is a passionate photographer who set out from the beginning of our shoot to make us feel comfortable and at ease during the entire secession. His personal skills, and eye for the perfect photo allowed him to capture the energy and true feeling of the moments.