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Mater Dei Softball: Team Spirit Captured in Beautiful Laguna Beach Photos

For a good number of years now, I've had the privilege of photographing the Mater Dei Softball team. From action shots on the field to team photos – I've loved being a part of their journey every single year. Whether it's capturing the intensity of a game or the powerful bonds between teammates, every year brings us a unique bunch of memories.

This year was just as special. The team asked me to handle their Laguna Beach photoshoot from start to finish – team portraits, individual shots, and even some fun group pictures. Montage Resort serves as the perfect backdrop for sports photography especially if the weather cooperates as well. The result? Some of my absolute favorite softball team photographs to date.

Mater Dei Softball team photoshoot at Montage Resort, Laguna Beach highlighting the picturesque setting.
Mater Dei softball seniors dressed in their white uniforms holding up their manager across thier bodies.
Candid shot of the Mater Dei Softball team laughing and posing playfully during their Laguna Beach photoshoot.
Mater Dei Softball team group photo at Laguna Beach, ocean waves visible in the background.
Mater Dei Softball seniors posing with their backs to the photographer in Laguna Beach.
Two softball girls giving each other a piggy back ride at Laguna Beach during their team photoshoot.
Black softball player with beautiful brown eyes holding her easton glove close to her face.
Mater dei high school softball player posing for a portrait in Laguna beach with her arms crossed.
Hispanic sofball player posing for her senior portrait in a letterman jadcket that says LARA.
Softball player applying lipstick during team photoshoot.
Young blond softball girl holding a glove and a ball while posing for a portrait in Laguna.
Mater Dei softball player intensnly looking into the camera while holding a bat and posing for a portrat.
Mater Dei Softball player stands tall, glove tucked under her arm, Laguna Beach providing a scenic backdrop.
Mater Dei Softball player smiles confidently, bat resting on her shoulder.
Mater Dei Softball player tillts her head to the right and has a playful smirk on her face.
Mater Dei Softball player strikes a playful pose, showcasing her fun-loving personality.