Excited Cal Poly admit Julia Lindholm taking senior photos with school flag in San Juan Capistrano.

Senior Portraits

Excitement. Nerves. And everything in between.
Aliso Niguel High School senior, Taylor Nelson, poses for senior photos on a vintage bench at a historic train statio

Senior Portraits

Excitement. Nerves. And everything in between.
Mater Dei High School senior Sara Briones poses with a Utah University flag in her senior portrait photo.

Senior Portraits

Excitement. Nerves. And everything in between.

beautiful. Emotional. Authentic. Real.

Thank you for being here, you must be planning a graduation.

Growing up in a big Ukrainian family and now having my own, I cherish the bonds we create. I bring that same warmth and understanding to my senior portrait sessions, creating a fun, relaxed environment where your unique personality shines through. 

These are the photos you'll look back on with a smile, remembering the joy and excitement of this special time in your life.

Taylor Nelson, a graduating senior at Aliso Niguel High School, captures a moment of reflection in her senior photo.
Sara, a senior at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, takes a break during her senior photos on a sunny day
Pacifica High School Graduate Smiling in Blue Cap and Gown during her senior photos session in San Juan Capistrano.
Texas Christian University (TCU) Ranger Sara poses for a portrait in cowboy hat, embodying Western spirit.
High School Senior girl in a sunny yellow dress and cowboy boots poses for a photo on a log in Northwest Open Space.
Redheaded girl in a white dress and red cowboy boots posing for a senior photo in a daisy field.
Aliso Niguel High School Senior, Taylor Nelson, posing for her senior photo.
Western fashion: Ranger buckle with TCU logo on tight-fitting jeans.
Taylor Nelson, Aliso Niguel High School Senior, Train Station Photo Shoot.
Julia Lindholm, senior portrait, holding a daisy in a field.