Kids Holiday Photoshoot at Citrus Ranch Park, Tustin, CA.

Being a family photographer in Orange County is a dream! I get to explore so many beautiful spots, but Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin is a real standout. The views from the hilltop are amazing, and the orange groves are very...California. It's a picture-perfect setting for family photos. The light at this park, especially around sunrise and sunset, is perfect. It's soft and warm, and it really makes the photos pop. I recently took my kids here for a photo shoot, and the results were incredible. The cool vibes of the park, the light, the was all captured beautifully.

Cute 10 year old blond girl in a colorful sweater is being hugged from behind by her 10 year old brother.
10 year old blond girl in a warm sweater doing a handshake routine with her older brother at a park in Tustin.
Two young siblings, 9 and 10 years old, practicing a handshake routine.
Portrait of a 10 year old boy with big ears and a goofy smile posing for a portrait at Citrus Ranch Park.
Cute 9 year old girl hugging her brother from behind and has her head placed on his shoulder.
Children's playful expressions caught on camera.
Half Afghan half white 12 year old boy posing for a portrait in his white hoody.
A low to high angle view of a middle school aged boy in a white hoodie.
A very strong 9 year old girl in a colorful warm sweater giving her 10 year old brother a piggy back ride at a park.
Cute face of a young blond girl smiling and rolling her eyes with her hands under her chin.