Meet the Malis Family: Newport Beach Holiday Photoshoot

This was one of those photo sessions where my nerves almost got the best of me. I'd never met Andrea and her family, and my desire to capture perfect family photos for them was almost overwhelming. All of that nervousness disappeared the second I met the Malis family. Andrea cracked a joke as soon as we said hello, and that put me right at ease. The kids were easygoing as well. Their house was located in Newport Beach on the beautiful Lido Isle. So naturally, Andrea suggested that we use the beach right down the street from their house as our location for the photoshoot. A couple of hours later we were all done and I couldn't be happier with the photos!

Standing strong together: The Malis family creates a lasting memory on the shores of Lido Isle.
Malis family enjoys a moment of love with their furry companions on Lido Isle beach.
Serene moment: The Malis family pets their furry companions, enjoying the tranquility of Lido Isle.
A father's pride shines through in his smile as he shares a moment with his daughter on the Lido Isle pier.
The Malis father and daughter enjoy the serenity of Lido Isle, their bond evident in their relaxed faces.
Portrait of the Malis son, capturing his relaxed beach style on Lido Isle.
High school siblings share a moment of carefree laughter during their Lido Isle family photoshoot.
The California sun shines on the Malis family portrait, capturing their joyful connection.
The Malis siblings pose for portraits by the colorful canoes.
A playful spirit shines through in this portrait of the Malis family by the colorful Lido Isle canoes.
The next generation: Individual portraits capture the personalities of the Malis siblings by the Lido Isle canoes.
Golden hour magic: A romantic portrait of the Malis couple bathed in warm sunset light on the pier.
Tenderness and love radiate from a close-up portrait of the Malis couple on a romantic pier at sunset.
A legacy of love: The Malis couple shares a tender moment on the Lido Isle pier, their love story captured in time.
The timeless bond between a father and son captured in a playful thumb war on Lido Isle beach.
A moment of friendly competition: Father and son test their strength in a playful thumb war on Lido Isle.
A playful thumb war between father and son showcases their lighthearted bond on Lido Isle beach.
A  Lido Isle dock provides the backdrop for a portrait of  mother-son love and connection.
Mother and son share a quiet moment on a Lido Isle dock, their bond reflected in the  calm water.
Andrea and her son find a quiet corner on a Lido Isle dock, sharing a moment of laughter and connection.
Lido Isle family photography session captures a special mother-son moment on the dock.
Lido Isle couple portrait captures the love between Andrea and her husband during a romantic beach walk.
Andrea and her husband share a tender moment on the Lido Isle beach, bathed in the warm afternoon light.